Hi, Kelly...
Long time to talk to you. I feel your change. I can't hear your laughing, your crying. You are human; you can laugh and cry and angry. Just follow your mind.
It rains heavily recently, and finally I can see the SUN this afternoon, nice. I am fatter and fatter...one of reason that makes me easily upset. "Vicious Cicle". (don't know if the spelling is correct of not, anyway!) I saw a car accident today, a man and a woman lied on the ground, hurt, painful...wish they are fine.
I should learn to control myself. I get upset easily and feel unhappy in these days. I didn't sleep well at night, and always worry about something, which I don't understand, and don't know the reason; but I do hope it can pass by quickly. And I am fatter, this is also a reason.
Everything is still good as usual, and I go to work as usual. Just like the earth works everyday with the SUN.

Super Super

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  • Walter
  • Don't push yourself too much. You know you are developing yourself now for future career you want. We all know you can reach that, you are approaching, don't give up. Just put your sight forwarding to the next mile you set. And besides works, you still have many thinks can do, many scenes to view. Cheer up, you still have many supports in back of you !!!