Many parades, anti-bian, happened!! Gan Ba De!!
It is not common for me to see movies, but I saw three movies this weekend. It is kind of weird feeling that I always cry and laugh with the roles. I don't really like those movies with super super hollywood stars and prefer some meaningful stories. Sometimes, seeing movies is a great way to release your pressure, and no matter what the story is, I just wanna fall into another space to forget everything.
Anyway, I laugh a lot and cry a lot as usual. All of these stories present different types of love- friends, couples, family. I've really moved by them. If you not see them till now, maybe you can take a look. Imagination is powerful.
我剛看完"如果,愛",也許很多人都看過了。當初上映的時候,就直說著想看、想看。過了好久,終於看到了。有了之前"Moulin Rouge(紅磨坊)"的經驗,這樣的戲就很容易被接受。電影故事是一種夢幻,很多很多沒想過,沒遇見的。看完電影心裡有一種奇妙的感覺,像是這個故事,並沒有結束,而在心裡迴盪著,在我的心裡繼續上演著。我好喜歡 藍色大門,也好喜歡 如果愛,我的思緒一時間被好多好多不知名的氣氛感染著!
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