I am so sorry to start with the "sigh~", but sometimes, just can't help.....
I am currently in Beijing, and will come here almost once every month. It is warmer than last time I came (in Feb); it is about 0-5 degree, sunny all the time, and even HOT in the noon time. I am pretty okay with that.

I am in the meeting room, listening to some great presentation introduced by one of my handsome colleague(he is married, I need to state). Something come to my mind that I really feel frustrated that why I can't have more patience to deal with those ugly(I mean their mind) and boring people well; I just feel disgusting on them.

I am so lucky....this week, I keep telling myself, I am so lucky to have everything now, and have a good job(at least looks good), and a nice apartment(I need to convince myself about it.). But as you know, we never know what will happen next. After re-read the book "who moves the cheese" this week, I feel really happy and great. I still lots of to learn, I need to know what is good and what might be not good for me at current stage. Lots of things to learn, so that need to be more aggresive.

Well, no sure what I wanna say now, a feeling which confuses me now. If I make it clear, I will let you know.

It is just a 2-day biz trip, but a very exciting experience; it is my first time to see all the various new products coming in the future, and new technology we are going to announce to the market. Working here is about 9 months, and be frankly, it is really a nice opportunity, and people here are nice to me, expecially my team. All of them are nice nice guys. I have some conflicts in my mind because I don't have the ability to be aggresive and at the same time to be nice as them. Those "News" are really great and I deeply move by the strategy planned in the back. Fortunately, I can be one of the member here, and hope to persue better or excellent later. Far from technology for a period of time, marketing or technical marketing is really interesting which involves marketing and lots of technologies which are designed for techy people, and then might become one of famous application for mass market. It is really cool to see the migration.

I become talktive today, maybe it is because long time to think about why and how to survive in this crucial world. Well, still search for the answer of I can stand for longer time. Also looking for lots of to satisfy myslef, my mind, and my heart.
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