Time goes by...it is 2008...sitting in the living room after back from meeting...
It is cold, and cold. wind almost blows into my bone. COLD.

2007 is really a challenging year for me.
I laugh and cry a lot.
I see and know more.
I learn and grow a lot.

It is really interesting that there are two kinds of people, one is like to enjoy their life casually, they don't like to work or struggle for their future, and just follow the flow; the other is like risk taker, always pursuing danger or uncertainty, this type of people always get hurt and pain, but they just love it.

I am wondering I am type 1 or 2? haha...not so important. I am just trying to be myself, to find my own proposition, and build up my own world. I am getting older (I know, I am still young), and don't know the reason that lots of things just come and fly into my mind suddenly everyday, and I always need to clarify and figure out what is my next step. Is that due to my late planning or I am not aggressive enough?

2008 is the other milestone for me. New job content, new friends, new point of view, new attitude. I am changing that I can feel. What I will transform to? I am curious about it, too. Become "Optimus Prime" or...whatever..Too many things to learn and need others' help. I want to record my life. It is me.

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