^_^ give myself a smile.
People always think the previous glory. There is no forever glory. Everything will be gone soon.
I am used to be optimistic, however, it is changing. Sometimes I need to use different point of view to see the world. I am too optimistic.

I got sick recently. it is no good. i don't wanna be sick and unable to do anything but lie on the bed.

I saw one of my friend's blog. Feel impressed. well, Do I miss him? I do. I do...because we had good memory.
But those are gone. I understand completely. It won't happen anymore.

I watched a movie. The main actor is full of humanity and cars about his people a lot. He loves them more than himself. It is true leader.

What kind of person I will be? Well, I am quite sure before, but now, I get confused. Anyway, it will pass soon.

I have some worries these days, maybe due to work or family, but no matter what, I grew from the difficulties, and I am really appreciated for those people who helped me and give me advices and comments to let me know this world more.
There is no forever "correct" or "wrong", and just depending on how to define them. We are individuals who are able to decide everything or accept anything by ourselves. I am too, but sometimes why I can't. It is life that too many entities and elements to influence your decision. What I did before also impact what I can do now.

I have 5-year plan 5 years ago, but now, it is another new period, what and how do I make the plan next? It is my lesson for 2008.
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