It is soooooo cold this week. Walking on the street, watching at the windows with fabulous clothes and accessories.
Hi, my name is Kelly, I told to new friends. Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel lonely. People get to know each other and become everyone's social networking. Read a book "Wikinomics" which is talking about it is another era in which wiki tech contribute, transform and help industries or different topics to another format. The most important is "SHARE". However, for business perspective, it is really hard for CEO to share their core activities or other information to externals. It is about "evaluation", what should be shared, what should keep as core company competence; how much to share, what might be resulted in....I like this book which gives some different point of view to do business and explains how this world is going to be.(that might not be correct 100%, however, it just describes some successful and failed cases for reference).

I am changing and transforming to another TYPE, which I am not familiar with and no idea how to do next step, and afraid of being transformed. This environment is nice on HARDWARE part, I like it.

I don't dress much, even I feel cold. There is another force to make me cold, which I know no matter how much I wear, I am always cold...I just need something to warm my heart.

Super Super

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