Hi, it is a perfect night to enjoy Laura Fygi's concert. Nice. I am not really familiar with her, but if anyone of you are interested in this topic, you can go to http://www.laurafygi.com/ for more information.

A bit raining, a bit cold, a bit wine and a bit jazz. It is really nice.

What I want to say is I am getting crazy these days. It might be due to relationship and work. And it seems I didn't do anything well. when I feel lonely, I would like to go to the sea, however, it is not easy for me to do that. I spent lots of money yesterday, more than 10K NTD. I can only say "Oh, my goodness!", I don't even know I can spend that much. It is life to me. Everyone has different worries, and so do I. Why does someone can't handle just 2 things at the same time? It is internet era, and multi-tasking world, does the rule still exist that we need to fasten out steps and improve our efficiency everyday? Does someone know it is real world, not just the myriad in his imagination?
Well, I can't control, and I don't wanna control this. I just need "HAPPY", never mind. If I can't solve it, then, I don't need to worry or even think about it. Now the problem is not me, all I should do might be just "fade out".

Dear, you know you need to grow. It is crucial, and always remember, "Welcome to the real world!"
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