I love the life I have now, music, movie, and books. How wonderful it is. Thanks.

wow. I can only say it is wonderful to see My Blueberry Nights.
It brings the comfortable and sweet feeling to me, and also encourages me to pursue what I like and want.
Fantastic, interesting, warm, sweet, sour, a bit bitter, however, everything is just nice and just always follow the flow and I can always find the way out.

I have lots of troubles last week, the 7 days makes me at least 3 years
older. I do learn some from the experience-- sometimes I should just let go, even I am trying all my best to keep optimistic mind. Pessimistic is hard to drive back to Happy. The most important is the attitude and open mind. The environment I grow up and the people around me can change the way of living and influence my mind to think and comment, which always differs from anyone in the world, even my own sister and brother. We are always so different and with our own personalities to make us "Unique".

I ever said, "I wanna be so different from others, especially those people with the same age as me". What makes me different is my attitude, which I truly believe I can do whatever I want. I was introduced a book, "The Secret" which says "
要 改變你的狀況,首先必須改變你的想法", which is so touched and like it very much. We probably all know this secret, however, not everyone can do it and make it happen. Still, I need to say, I will try my best. I am always searching for "impossibilities". I know, that is why I always hurt myself. Anyway, hope you like and enjoy it.

Super Super

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