it is amazing to go shopping in HongKong these days.
Just a 3-day-2-night trip, I spent lots of money. Well..I suddenly find myself as a woman.
Stayed in "The Park Lane" in Causeway area where is filled with shops, and restaurants, and still shops and restaurants...
just like the HongKong travel promotion TVC said, buy and eat, and buy then eat on every single day in HongKong. Quite interesting. I did enjoy it...^_^

Back to Taiwan now, sitting before my lab-top and wondering/thinking the kick-off meeting tomorrow morning. Actually, I start to put that in my mind when I was on the plane. The life I have is really amazing. I had a dream about it before, to have similar scenario--have a good job, which people think that is good too, and just acts like the business women on the TV or movie. Guess what is in my mind now? It is really unbelievable!!!

Before 25 yrs old, I fear nothing. I don't really care about how people think about me, how they judge on me, or what I am looked like, however, times goes by, I am just like an old lady who is keeping complaining how wonderful it was in the past, or so many gentlemen were eager to make friends with her. My goodness, how could this happen this fast and un-managable?  Or, it is because I don't care before and I deserve to suffer? No specific answer, I think. I am feeling it, feeling I am alive!Sun

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