I am getting older and older. I saw people, and I saw myself. It is nice to be with my friends. I have good good good friends who take care of me and treat me well. ^__^ I am really lucky.

Have new ideas everyday, and can't find the balance yet. Or keeping searching the balance is the balance. Interesting!!!

It rains today. Still have no mood the appreciate the beauty of "raining". Life has been difficult. It is really cool~I do see a lot these days, hesitate and accept. There are lots lots for me to learn, and I should fasten my steps to do and find what I want. We don't need to agree or follow others' comments, but we always have our own mind that we just wanna be "happy".

Do whatever we want to do, listen to each other, support each other, grow together. Being happy and keep Cool....

I guess I still stress myself too much, or somehow too relax. I just can't find the breakpoint of the 2 ends. But I am still happy.

I know you are watching me. ^_^ Rainbow
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