It is much warmer in LA than in San Francisco. About 85F in the daytime, 67F at night!太陽 I waked up at around 9:30, so nice....a good sleep....Then go out for lunch and to execute my plan~~~~~~~~~~~~(wahahaING)彩虹
And...what I wanna say today is Wow...I went to shopping today!!! My first time to buy lots of is out of my imagination....天使
Today I went to
GNC - lots of vitamins and healthy foods (tablets)
XXX outlet - there are Gucci, Guess, Tod's, Burberry, POLO, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, ....lots of...
I bought lots of vitamins, clothes, shoes, scarf, bags...happy, I don't know I could buy that much~~well, I do need to save money la....吐舌頭
Miss Taiwan la....
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