I forgot to say, I stayed on Treasure Island, middle of Bay Bridge to Oakland, very pretty. Not this place, but the view. From Treasure Island, I can see the best view of San Francisco, the whole Financial Distinct...quite good...

I had McDonald's as my breakfast, and went to Haight Street, lots of cool stuffs, I mean colorful, and some Indian traditional style clothes, accessories, and people there are cool as well...I also see some cool painter's works there....really great experience.
It's a great great day, we walked to Golden Gate Park to enjoy the sunshine, lie on the grass, and HOT!...Then, we go to have Korean cuisine, it is nice to have hot and spicy tofu soup...wonderful...it is already 3 pm something, and I am so tired as well. again, tired...but, I don't have too much time...we jump on the No. 28 bus to Golden Gate Bridge...wow...it is crowded, lots of tourist, and we just sit on the bench watching the view....clean and nice view and I can see the TransAmerica Tower as well...

I was still planning for the coming weekdays to visit Palace of Fine Art and Emporiums and Cable Car Museum, The Cannery, civic center, and the Phantom of Opera...^_^

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