It is another good day, even I feel down in the end of today.
Visited the biggest shopping center in California, South Coast Plaza, includes LV, Chanel, Gucci, Tod's, XXX and somether big brands but I don't know them....
The same, I bought a lot, more than I could afford for, well, it is not easy for me to come to U.S.A.......I feel good in the daytime.....but not now (1:15 am)...
I will attend local tour tomorrow early morning to Universal Studio....I so wanna go home....
And, I cried a lot today!! time to encourage myself and clear my mind.....still crying....

Super Super

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  • Yvonne
  • baby don't cry...I miss your loud laughter...if I could be there with you.

    I noted your blog everyday and felt the same as you wrote..