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Again, I feel bad, but...fine, that's okay. No problem.
You know, sometimes, we need to encourage ourselves, again and again, to grow up. And I am doing it now. Sometimes, I just need to take a deep breathe to accept the reality. Is it what in my mind now, those blue, grey, and almost dark thought? haha, it is not that bad. Kelly is always happy and to share everything with people. I went to Eslite again, in the weekday noon time, and it really gives me lots of ideas; I mean, to hit me, to refill me, or to inspire me. I miss a lot of people, my ex-boss, Rachel, who starts her 2nd store (Harvest Time) in Lin Ko, and my dearest sister, and many many of my good friends.

I need to do a lot of things these three days.

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good day!
today is a good day. First of all, I need to say "Thanks you" to Sam(山姆大叔), who shared some great ideas to me. Basically, I also need to thank Jason who also gives me lots of comments after I joined this company.
After the conversation with Sam yesterday, I feel much better and realize the "reality" and "Practical" are really crucial.

Need to study hard!!!

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Dear Beth,
It is long time to chat with you. It is long time to get together to say something secret. You know, I am always proud of you are my sister. I always tell everyone that I have a beautiful and excellent sister like you. You are always my guide when I get lost; you are always there when I need some hug; you are always general and kind; you are not only my sister. I have known you for 26 years till 2007, great, great, great time. ^_^ .
Time goes by, and we grow up and we are different. I always remember that you taught me how to write numbers on the wall before I went to kinder garden (You are born as a teacher.) I always remember you taught me not only those. Thank you, my sister. It is your birthday today, wish you are always happy and no worries.
Happy Birthday, Beth.

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Hi, it is March 17, 2007, just back from Eslite Bookstore. It is my first time to go the 24 hour one, and a very nice experience. As what I heard, there are lots of people reading, playing PSP, or just sit down and talk about what kind of art he/she prefers. I bought some books. I don’t read that much, but really like to buy books. I found it is a habit when I go to any bookstores—must buy something. Usually, I will buy some magazines or management related books. This time, I bought “Perfume”, which is well-discussed by many of my friends. I don’t have many interests, but I have many friends who have different interests to share with me, fortunately, I could get some skin from the conversation, pretty nice.


I walked from Eslite (Don Hwa S Rd) to XinHai Rd in the midnight, a long walk again with my IBM T60 Notebook and several books, a bit heavy. It is not really too cold and only met 2 people during this journey. One is a woman collecting some paper on a bicycle, the other is 45-yr-old around man who stands on the sidewalk, after passed by for 1 min, I looked back, and he’s gone. It is really nice to walk, although my foot is hurt. I can think, think, think a lot of things. Think what I can learn, think what I can do, think maybe I can go traveling, think maybe I can study some car, maybe I can read some famous novels, think maybe I can go to English classes, lots of ideas. There are lots of possibilties. There is a slogan, “Impossible is Nothing”.


One of my colleagues will leave us soon. It is her farewell party in N.Y. Bagles, 24 hours, and still lots of people in the midnight.  She is a sweet and pretty girl and planning to go to England to study marketing related fields.  She’s shine when I saw her in the beginning, and from the first impression, I feel she is a good and easy-going person who I must get to know. Finally, we become good friends. To go abroad study is always a dream for me, and I feel very happy to wish Kuan all the best for the incoming challenge for her. Hope she is always happy and everything is going smoothly. ^__^


I am a bit tired now, and also know it is not healthy and harm my skin if I don’t go to bed before 23:00, but the night is marvelous which brings me a lot of ideas, and I could try to figure out some steps next and try to relax myself. I read a book today which is talking about the living attitude of Scandivan people-I.C.E-Intelligence, Creativity, and Elegance, a story of Jack’s journey in North Europe for 2 months. 


I am wondering if I have a lot to say. I feel I have, but don’t know how to describe as text to you.


Frankly speaking, I feel very happy now. I can do whatever I wanna do. Lovely and wonderful life.

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I am so sorry to start with the "sigh~", but sometimes, just can't help.....
I am currently in Beijing, and will come here almost once every month. It is warmer than last time I came (in Feb); it is about 0-5 degree, sunny all the time, and even HOT in the noon time. I am pretty okay with that.

I am in the meeting room, listening to some great presentation introduced by one of my handsome colleague(he is married, I need to state). Something come to my mind that I really feel frustrated that why I can't have more patience to deal with those ugly(I mean their mind) and boring people well; I just feel disgusting on them.

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