I am using my multimedia computer editing this article. very good. Ha! I am in the meeting talking about China laws, a bit complicated and hard to understand. Let me share thd place I stay here.


hey..I am back from Beijing, the cold place is really killing me. I really love Taiwan, warm, and lots of delicious food. hahah~~

Thanks God to let me back. I just said this trip renews my life, I can feel I have more enegy and I can overcome more than I imagine. Anyway, that is not the point. What I wanna say is being satisfied is really not easy...^__^

Well, time goes by, it is already 2007, end of Dog year for Chinese people. Wish all of my friends enjoy the coming PIG year, and healthy, happy. You can see my pictures in Beijing, I still have the cold feeling when seeing the pics...>"<...Take care.

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